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Les Faux-Monnayeurs at Folk Alliance International


Les Faux-Monnayeurs at Folk Alliance International

Les Faux-Monnayeurs are very glad to take part in this year’s Folk Alliance International conference to take place in Montreal from February 13-17. Thanks to Folquébec and Mundial Montréal’s collaboration, four COOP groups will have the opportunity to present a showcase : Nomadic Massive, Ayrad, Afrikana Soul Sister et Les Tireux d’Roches.

They will represented onsite by Jean-François Guindon, the COOP’s Executive Director, as well as Patrick Nadon, Booking Agent. You may click on their name if you wish to reach them by email.

Nomadic Massive
Showcase: February 15 at 5:30PM – Harmonium Room (216) presented by Mundial Montréal

NOMADIC MASSIVE is a unique crowd-rocking, multilingual hip hop crew based out of Montreal. Known for their explosive shows and sharp socially conscious lyrics, the bandhas captivated audiences worldwide with their own mix of global beats, based on live instrumentation and the art of sampling. Their upcoming LP will be released later this year. In the meantime, the public may listen to their latest Miwa EP, released in November 2019.

Showcase: February 15 at 10:30 PM – Harmonium Room (216) presented by Folquébec

Whether on an album or on stage, Ayrad’s energy is infectious. Their new show highlights the songs of their vibrant Zoubida, the band’s Juno-nominated sophomore album which explores a more rock / pop sound while integrating various genres such as desert rock, funk, electro, rai, hip hop, electro and even Afro-Peruvian! You do not want to miss this musical experience!

Afrikana Soul Sister
Showcase: February 15 at 11:10 PM – Harmonium Room (216) presented by Folquébec

Afrikana Soul Sister fuses the distinct sound production of Jean-François Lemieux with the untamed percussions works of Joannie Labelle and Fa Cissokho as well as Djely Tapa’s voice. This quartet delivers a refreshing organic-electro-afro-house sound where polychrome ambiances are artfully welded together on laptop with authentic African musical roots. This musical project is a multi-sensory experiment that’s in perpetual creation: between organic ethnic music and digital creativity, Afrikana Soul Sister is an open door for improvisation, tradition and imagination. To listen to the band’s first album, you may click here – Afrikana Soul Sister.

Les Tireux d’Roches
Showcase: February 15 at 11:50PM – Harmonium Room (216) presented by Folquébec

Quebec folk/trad outfit Les Tireux d’Roches (TDR) has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 1998 at La Pierre Angulaire, a little café in St-Élie- de-Caxton, Mauricie. As time passed, the village’s gravel roads gave way to tarmacadam highways, taking the group throughout North America, Europe and China. Les Tireux d’Roches is a gregarious gang of lovable misfits creating a festive atmosphere wherever they go. Their latest album Tarmacadam showcases both original compositions and reworkings of music from traditional French and Québécois repertoire.