Upcoming Shows

Guillaume Arsenault  

2021-04-29 @ 19:00    |    Festival La crue des mots    |    Mont-Joli (Québec)    |   

Henri Godon  

2021-05-08 @ 14:00    |    Salle Jean-Despréz    |    Gatineau (Québec)    |   

2021-05-09 @ 11:00    |    Salle Jean-Despréz    |    Gatineau (Québec)    |   

Klô Pelgag  

2021-04-23 @ 20:00    |    NDD7D: le Spectacle spectral | Amérique du Nord    |    En ligne (CA)    |   

2021-04-24 @ 20:00    |    NDD7D: le Spectacle spectral | Europe    |    En ligne (FR)

2021-04-29 @ 19:00    |    L’Anglicane    |    Lévis (QC)    |   

2021-04-30 @ 19:00    |    Salle Desjardins-Telus    |    Rimouski (CA)    |   

2021-07-02    |    Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée    |    Petite-Vallée (QC)    |   

2021-10-23 @ 20:00    |    Théâtre Granada    |    Sherbrooke (Québec)    |   

2021-10-29 @ 20:00    |    Théâtre Télébec    |    Val d’Or (CA)    |   

2022-02-12 @ 20:00    |    Salle Edwin-Bélanger    |    Montmagny (CA)    |   

2022-02-17 @ 20:00    |    Centre culturel de Shawinigan    |    Shawinigan (CA)    |   

2022-02-25 @ 20:30    |    Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde    |    Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec)    |   

Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire  

2021-07-30    |    Festival de la Gourgane    |    Albanel (QC)


2021-05-25 @ 20:00    |    Théâtre Outremont    |    Montréal (QC)

2021-11-18    |    Cabaret La Basoche    |    Gatineau (CA)    |       |   

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Klô Pelgag presents NDd7D: The Spectral show

Klô Pelgag and director Laurence “Baz” Morais have united to imagine the grand premiere of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, the concert. Unable to play the songs from her new album in front of an audience, Klô Pelgag will dive into everything that was lacking from the last year, […]

Klô Pelgag will be on tour in EU and Quebec in 2021

A tour in Europe and in Quebec is scheduled in 2021 ! To know more about the dates and tickets, click here

You can watch again the shows at Nuits d’Afrique

The Nuits d’Afrique Festival was able to adapt to the global situation and went online and it was a success! Two groups among the COOP, Ayrad and Nomadic Massive were presenting a show for this event. Click here to watch […]

Klô Pelgag’s new album in the top 20 Canadians albums of 2020

Good news for the artist and her musicians! Her album Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs is among the 20 best Canadians albums of 2020 by CBC! Click here to read the article. 

The TDR share a new videoclip

Today, Les Tireux d’Roches unveils a new music video for the song Camarades, which happens to be the preface of a documentary to come in 2021 on the twenty years of experience of their group life. The clip contains several extracts of live […]

Klô Pelgag unveils a music video for the song «Mélamine»

Today Klô Pelgag unveils a tempestuous, haunting video for the song “Mélamine,” off her latest album, Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, available everywhere via Secret City Records. Klô Pelgag shares the central theme of the song with us: “Mélamine is when just being yourself […]


Les Faux-monnayeurs artists co-op is a collective entertainment management, production and marketing tool. Like counterfeiters of days gone by, the co-op’s artists work from scratch, creating added value fashioned with their talent, inventiveness, and meticulous care. Chosen for the authenticity of their artistic process, all of the members are free to take control of their destiny and to shape a career that reflects their specifc identity, becoming true handcrafted artists. Since 2002, our democratic business model has allowed these artisans of the performing arts to express their values and their passion, while giving performances that undeniably bear their personal stamp.

Choisis pour l’authenticité de leur démarche, ils sont libres de prendre en main leur destinée et de sculpter leur carrière selon leur identité propre, de devenir de véritables artistes faits à la main.

Depuis 2002, notre modèle d’entreprise démocratique permet à ces artisans de la scène de non seulement exprimer leurs valeurs et leur passion, mais aussi d’offrir des performances portant indéniablement leur empreinte personnelle.

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