• 22 September 2016

    La Coop in a city near you!

    Autumn will be quite a busy season for the Coop artists and team member! We are travelling all over to attend various showcasing events.

    Our show booker, Annick Beauvais, booker, will be at Contact Ouest, in Regina (September 26-29) along with the lively Tireux d'Roches. Please note that the band will also be flying to WOMEX and Folk Music Ontario, in October. The team will be there as well.

    Jean-François Guindon, Executive Director of the Coop, will be at the ROSEQ in Rimouski in mid-October. He will not be there alone. Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire will also take part in the event. No doubt they will be rocking the place!

    Ayrad will showcase at the CINARS on November 18, in Montreal. And finally, the whole team will also take part in the Mundial Mondial event in November.

    If you happen to be around, come say hi!