Les Faux - Monnayeurs artistic services Cooperative (the COOP) was conceived in 2002, its sole activities revolving
around pop group Tomás Jensen & les Faux - Monnayeurs.

In 2005, wanting to support fresh musical talent, the COOP decided to open its doors to new members,
offering them services such as management, booking, and stage production.Now, after eight years of activity, the
COOP is supplying these services to many acts.

The manager Jean-François Guindon is assisted by Annick Beauvais ans Julie Desjardins . Each group and artist
involved takes part in the COOP's administrative council. The COOP advocates staying power and fairness towards
its members; all participants are free to develop their own artistic destinies through the use of shared resources.
The balanced use of revenue and spending provides a transparent environment where trust prospers between artists,
managers, and producers.

COOP members enjoy sustained visibility during national and international cultural events and activities. However,
the situation would be quite different without help from the Canadian and Québécois governments' cultural institutions,
and their producers and distributors. We thank them for their support, confidence, and recognition.

You can meet COOP Les Faux-Monnayeurs at several music conferences including M for Montreal,
RIDEAU, OCFF, ROSEQ, Contact East, RADARTS, Contact Ontarois, Congrès des Festivals du Québec and WOMEX.

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