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Les Tireux d’Roches prensent Tapiskwan Sipi

The TDR share a new videoclip

Today, Les Tireux d’Roches unveils a new music video for the song Camarades, which happens to be the preface of a documentary to come in 2021 on the twenty years of experience of their group life. The clip contains several extracts of live performances as well as testimonials from their tour through many picturesque French villages in 2019. By traveling the country with their trad music and their joie de vivre on stage, they left their mark on the hearts of the public. With Camarades, they also remind us that not so long ago, music brought people together and traveled.

The secret to our longevity is camaraderie. The group is always happy to go on tour. A show lasts 90 minutes, but you also have to spend the other 22 hours of the day together in transport, hotels, restaurants … “

By Sylvain Robert

Click here to watch the clip Camarades