Protagoniste: K!RA OJI’s first EP

The COOP presents K!RA OJI

The COOP is very happy to present its new signature: the rapper K!RA OJI – real name Antoine Poireau.

Born in Angoulême in 2001, K!RA OJI left France long before his story began. Landed on the south shore of Montreal at the dawn of adolescence, he quickly discovered that he knew how to make people laugh and react. Already aware of the effect of his words and expressions, it is by fooling around that he attracts attention as much as trouble. The years pass, the oppositional child ages, but loses none of his abilities.

Inspired by Orelsan, Nekfeu, Guizmo and XXXtentacion, he now sees his rap as a massive purge, an artistic way to deal with his hatred and anger. Feeling like he’s in the right place for the first time, it’s with his accomplice, the producer DJ Kleancut, that he has been working in the studio on what will soon be his first EP Protagoniste to be released on April 22.

Today, the rapper presents the first single of that EP, Bouteille à la mer, which is a message from K!RA OJI of the present to K!RA OJI of the past; a kind of cry for perseverance, a look at the road travelled and the acceptance of one’s artistic dreams and ambitions.

The song as its own music video drirected and produced by BLNK.

Watch it here.