Marie-Gold : a music video for La Presse (Baby Girl)

La Presse (Baby Girl) is a music video about the rise of a starlet played by actress Catherine Brunet, who, in parallel to her hectic lifestyle, mysteriously works on the making of a creature – whose identity and purpose are […]

The COOP presents K!RA OJI

The COOP is very happy to present its new signature: the rapper K!RA OJI – real name Antoine Poireau. Born in Angoulême in 2001, K!RA OJI left France long before his story began. Landed on the south shore of Montreal […]

Avril Jensen presents van gogh

Avril Jensen presents van gogh, a beautiful intro to her first EP, COLORS, to be released on April 8th. Available for pre-order starting today, COLORS is a collection of stories and experiments. The EP launch will occur at the Quai […]

Henri Godon ends his countdown to Spring Break with Tous musiciens

In February, three fun and rousing music videos were released. Music videos filled with magic and madness, all three from the album Tous musiciens. These small short films are added to a series already available on Henri Godon‘s YouTube channel. […]

Henri Godon presents a new music video

Spring Break is in one week, which also means a new Henri Godon music video! This week, Henri Godon presents a fun music video for Mange ta main (Eat Your Hand), from the Tous Musiciens! album. Click here to see […]

Henri Godon begins his spring break countdown

Spring break is just around the corner and Henri Godon has a surprise for the little ones! Every Monday, he will share a new music video to get ready for the vacation. This week, he presents the music video for […]

Marie-Gold: director of her new music video

Today, Marie-Gold presents Maison de Dicks, second single from Bienvenue à Baveuse City. Voluntarily a pun with «Maison de Disque» (record label), the female rapper talks about the different relationships that have colored her artistic journey in a predominantly male […]

Papagroove presents the music video for Encore

Today, the group reveals the music video for Encore, the first single of their new French EP Les sabliers. With indie-pop influence, this catchy song will make you dance and its music video will captivate you until the very end. […]

Henri Godon presents Les amis les humains

Today, Henri Godon a new music video for his song Les amis les humains. This music video is a sequel to Enfant-roi which was published on Monday. « We’re gattering in the castle courtyard where sometimes a child-king can feel […]