Avril Jensen: Live Session for COLORS

10 days before her show at the Santa Teresa Festival, where she will open for Martha Wainwright, Avril Jensen presents the live session of COLORS, the latest single from her EP. Listen to the live session here.

Avril Jensen presents her first EP COLORS

Today is a big day for the talented Avril Jensen who presents her first EP, COLORS. Through the songs, we travel between love and loneliness, on fictitious texts that she wrote between the ages of 15 and 16. COLORS is […]

Avril Jensen presents van gogh

Avril Jensen presents van gogh, a beautiful intro to her first EP, COLORS, to be released on April 8th. Available for pre-order starting today, COLORS is a collection of stories and experiments. The EP launch will occur at the Quai […]

Avril Jensen releases a live session for Attends

The talented Avril Jensen presents a live session for Attends, her first single released in October. « Some time ago, we filmed live sessions of my songs, including one for Attends !! I’m so excited to release my EP in […]