The COOP presents K!RA OJI

Protagoniste: K!RA OJI’s first EP

Today is a big day for the young rapper K!RA OJI who presents his very first EP Protagoniste. Our new recruit has been perfecting his rap for several years now, despite his modest age. Reactive to injustices and prone to passionate impulses, the young man with the formidable flow finds in composition a place to encompass all his human states and to mark a pause in time. He conceives writing as a massive purge, as a way to sublimate hatred and anger.

On six punchy tracks of length — Aujourd’hui, T’inquiète, Désillusions, Bouteille à la mer, Maîtrise des maux and J’roule — the artist unpacks what he has in his head. Entrusting his accomplice, the producer Jonathan Ruest «DJ Kleancut», with the production, the arrangements and the mixing of his very first official testimony in audio form, he concretizes the emergence of his acidic word in a booth of the LE LOOP Studio. Supported by a nice range of collaborators signing in turn the beatmaking of tracks (DICEPLAYBEATS, Majestik12, Nueva Vista, DJ Kleancut and DIGZ), the rapper also surrounds himself with albe on the guitar, Xavier Rousseau on the piano, Luc-Étienne Lemire on the saxophone, Ghislain Brind’Amour on the mixing and the mastering. The EP references trap, boom bap and rap from the 90’s. Protagoniste is navigated with style through themes of identity, obstacles, future and ambition in a fluid mix of intimacy and combat.

Listen to the EP Protagoniste here