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Papagroove and Afrikana Soul Sister now available for booking at the COOP

The COOP Les Faux-Monnayeurs is welcoming two new projects into its booking roster: Papagroove and Afrikana Soul Sister. Both collectives offer their own twist of world groove music which is sure to please many audiences all over.

Both bands are now available for booking opportunities.

AFRIKA SOUL SISTER (afro-electro-beats)
Afrikana Soul Sister fuses the distinct sound production of Jean-François Lemieux with the untamed percussions works of Mélissa Lavergne and Joanie Labelle as well as Djely Tapa’s voice. This quartet delivers a refresh organic-electro-afro-house sound where polychrome ambiances are artfully welded together on laptop with authentic African musical roots.

They will be releasing their first album in April 2017 under the Audiogram/AudioJive label.

PAPAGROOVE (afro-funk)
Branding its music as afro-funk, Papagroove combines the grooves of funk with the intensity of rock, the passion of soul with the verve of jazz, staying deeply rooted in a strong afrobeat. Their sound is driven by a strong message of social justice inspiring one to reflect.

After We’re Not Blind (2008) and Civilized Ghetto (2012), the band will be releasing their upcoming album later this year.

For more information www.coopfauxmonnayeurs.com.