Marie-Gold: Le Festif! at School
Marie-Gold: director of her new music video

Marie Gold reveals the cover of her new album: Bienvenue à Baveuse City

« Hey hey! Bienvenue à Baveuse City, my new album, will be available everywhere on February 11th.

Dear future citizens, you can pre-order it here

I’m extremly excited to show you around this city and its endless possibilities.

Cover : @Felix Renaud
(PS.This is simply a picture of me taken without my knowledge while I was walking my dog, on a beautiful summer day in Baveuse City… #BBC) » – Marie-Gold

This album-concept presents Baveuse City, a fictional city where Marie-Gold embodies the « Baveuse ». Mixing the absurd with the committed, and playfulness with sensitivity, the richness of the themes (politics, environment, media coverage, gender equality) is combined with solid and various beats. Bienvenue à Baveuse City aims to be a dynamic, entertaining and thoughtful musical immersion: a colorful universe rarely seen in the rap landscape.

Click here to pre-order the album.