Marie-Gold at La semaine des 4 julie
FEQ: Marie-Gold on July 17th

Marie-Gold invites you to Baveuse City, new album available everywhere!

Last Friday, Marie-Gold released her new album-concept Bienvenue à Baveuse City which present the fictional city of Baveuse City.

In a musical journey, the rapper takes us to different places around the city with the trap bangers. Mixing absurd with committed and playfulness with sensivity, the richness of the themes (politics, environment, media coverage, gender equality, etc.) is combined with solid and varied productions. Both theatrical and musical, the interludes make it possible to link the different themes and places, serving as an aperitif for the next piece.

Bienvenue à Baveuse City is a dynamic, entertaining and thoughtful musical immersion: a colorful universe rarely seen in the rap landscape and supported by its citizen, « La Baveuse », personified by the rapper.

Marie-Gold announced the opening of Baveuse City at the Ausgang Plaza. Funfair-themed, the event will include a performance and is set to happen on April 14th.

The full album is available here, bon voyage!