Marie Gold reveals the cover of her new album: Bienvenue à Baveuse City
Marie-Gold at La semaine des 4 julie

Marie-Gold: director of her new music video

Today, Marie-Gold presents Maison de Dicks, second single from Bienvenue à Baveuse City.

Voluntarily a pun with «Maison de Disque» (record label), the female rapper talks about the different relationships that have colored her artistic journey in a predominantly male environment. This catchy song brings a new angle to the “place of women in rap”. Directed by the Montreal rapper and with Gabriella Quesnel-Olivo as the production director, the team behind this music video is 100% female. In a playful manner, Marie-Gold looks back on these adventures and encounters, with the aim of coming out of them grown and in peace.

Click here to see the music video.