Klô Pelgag shares a third song «Umami»

Klô Pelgag shares the new video «La maison jaune»

Today, Klô Pelgag shares “La maison jaune” the fourth single and music video off her upcoming new album Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, available everywhere on June 26 via Secret City Records. A haunting song that elicits a wide range of emotions in the listener, “La maison jaune refers to the house where painter Vincent van Gogh lived while experiencing great distress,” explains Klô. “It’s a song about the moment when you finally leave this place in the hope of never returning there.” The theme of the song echoes the documentary posted online a few months ago, which depicted the writing of this album after a darker period in the life of the singer-songwriter. The intoxicating La maison jaune is characterized by string and brass arrangements that were created by Klô herself for the very first time.    

The companion music video was directed by Baz, her visionary accomplice who also helmed the “Rémora” video and the documentary. He explains the inspiration for the concept of the music video. “We shot this video last December. It’s an ode to the planet that is entirely computer animated. Let’s just say that life has drastically changed since then. Oddly, I have the impression that this video is more relevant than ever today. After three months spent between four concrete walls, then seeing people kill each other for incredibly futile reasons, I have never longed more to go hug a tree in the forest. It should be noted that it took 3D artist Olivier Masson two months of post-production to achieve the final result. A painstaking task that deserves to be highlighted.”

Watch the music video for the song “La maison jaune” by clicking here.  

Watch the documentary about Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs by clicking here.