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Klô Pelgag shares “Rémora”

Today, Klô Pelgag is unveiling “Rémora,” the lead single and music video of her upcoming new album Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, which will be released on April 17 on Secret City Records. “The remora is a fish with a disk on its head that acts as a suction cup, with which it can attach to bigger fish,” explains Klô. “The song Rémora is about dependency to a toxic, bloodsucking relationship, to which you hang on even though it drags you down to the bottom of yourself. Eventually, you have to heal from it.” The music video was directed by her collaborator Baz, who also directed the “Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs” documentary, which was shared last week when the new album was announced. He explains the inspiration behind the concept of the video: “In the Rémora video, I wanted to illustrate this strange, mutually parasitic relationship between an artist and her entourage/audience, which can be intimidating and suffocating.”
Watch the new Rémora video by clicking here.

Klô will give a concert in Montréal on October 23 at MTelus, before performing in Paris on December 1st. She will also be in concert the following year in Quebec City at Impérial Bell on February 19th 2021. Tickets for the MTelus show will go on sale April 1st. More tour dates will be announced shortly, as well as the details about the Paris date.