Earth Day with Papagroove

Incendie: Papagroove’s new music video

Papagroove presents today a second music video from their EP Les sabliers for the song Incendie.

In a magnificent four-minute sequence, we find a protagonist (played by Sébastien Francisque, the group’s singer) making his way through a forest, dragging with him his baggage of life and preconceived ideas. Obstacles will arise in front of him that will shake these thoughts, sometimes draped with an agreed morality, and others that are generated by less noble intentions. At the end of the journey, a reflection will be necessary.

Directed by Justine Prince, the clip also features dancers Michael Deschamps, Mia-Cassandra Dominique, Solveig Langlois and Majolie McCann.

Watch it here.