Afrikana Soul Sister at the Ministère
Afrikana Soul Sister wins a JUNO award

Afrikana Soul Sister offers you KALASÖ at the Ministère

On March 17, Afrikana Soul Sister presented KALASÖ‘s songs for the first time in concert. Released last fall, this new album once again brings people together and breaks down the barriers between West African and North American cultures. KALASÖ, which could be translated as “We will all go to class”, can count on collaborations with Ariane Moffatt Tinnami »), Émile BilodeauFantani ») et Naxx BitotaBuelayi »). The trio wields its percussive Afro-electro music with a futuristic flavor, injected with a strong dose of groove.

Nominated for a JUNO Award in the “Global Album Of The Year” category, this album set the Ministère on fire, where the audience danced without limits to the sound of Afro-electro-beat. The festive, colorful and warm atmosphere that Afrikana Soul Sister provides on stage does not leave us indifferent. Fortunately for those who weren’t there, the group is offering you the chance to live this moment thanks to the online recording. Discover it for yourself by watching KALASÖ at the Ministère for free by clicking on the text below. The show will be available until Sunday 11:59 pm.

Watch « KALASÖ at the Ministère » here.